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Our journey from Woodsmoor

So how did we decide to start producing our own sofas? We spent years on the road, scouring the country, searching for the finest frames in order to reupholster and redevelop old masterpieces.

We found the real quality pieces were becoming harder to find and that if we wanted a sustainable future then producing our own was the way forward. It also meant a return to the past to learn some time honoured labour intensive skills that can only be created by hand - it is this unique attention to detail that explain why our sofas and armchairs are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

The pages below will show you how far we have reached in producing our first two models, The Woodsmoor and The Davenport. Both feature our traditional eight way hand tied coil springing at the heart of each sofa.


The Woodsmoor is based on a traditional fixed seat Edwardian slipper style sofa. Like all Lounging Around sofas the seat and back have been eight way hand tied coil sprung giving a lifetime of comfort and support. Available in either a Large 6ft 6" size or a Grand 8ft 6"

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The Davenport is our own interpretation of the classic Howard style sofa. The back and platform are formed using our traditional eight way hand tied coil spring technique. Available in a range of hand dyed leather or stunning velvets in either an 8ft three seater, a 7ft two and a half seater and an armchair.

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